Sassuolo, incidente in Australia perde la vita Andrea Benedetti di 26 anni

Il ventenne è morto dopo essere caduto sette piani nella tromba dell’ascensore. Il consolato italiano ha confermato di avere notificato il decesso alla famiglia. Andrea Benedetti e due amici sarebbero rimasti intrappolati in ascensore all’interno di un palazzo residenziale. Secondo testimoni premuto il pulsante di emergenza avrebbero poi  tentato di fare leva sulle porte mentre erano tra un piano e l’altro e introducendosi nell’apertura.

La polizia australiana ha riferito che Benedetti è stato il primo a passare attraverso l’apertura, ma ha mancato l’atterraggio sotto ed è precipitato per sette piani. Ecco il link alla notizia dei media australiani.

Ecco di seguito il testo integrale in australiano.

THE man who died after falling seven storeys down an elevator shaft was an Italian tourist.

He has been revealed as Andrea Benedetti.

The Italian consulate confirmed this afternoon that the family of the 26-year-old tourist had been notified of his sudden death.

Mr Benedetti and two friends became trapped in the lift inside a residential apartment building about 1.45am.

Witnesses said the trio pressed the emergency help button but then began to pry the doors open while it was between levels, busting the springs enough to slide out.

Police were told Andrea was the first to squeeze through the small gap but he missed the landing below and plunged seven storeys to his death.

It is believed he was aged in his mid to late 20s and has only been in Sydney for 10 days.

One of Andrea’s seven roommates Emile told the Daily Telegraph it was a “tragic accident”.


Italian tourist killed in elevator shaft fall

The police rescue team attended the scene on Quay St, Haymarket. Picture: Bill Hearne Source:News Limited

“Everyone is upstairs in the room crying. I was crying also when I found out what happened,” he said.


“It’s a tragedy. A tragic accident.”

The pair met while in Australia.

“He was a nice person, a wonderful person,” Emile said

“I’m angry this has happened. Such a shocking thing to happen to someone so young.”



A 20-year-old Italian tourist has fallen seven floors to his death after trying to climb from an elevator that had broken down between two floors. Picture: Bill Hearne Source: News Limited

Police Rescue attended and found the man dead at the bottom of the lift shaft. Officers established a crime scene and forensic officers examined the lift chamber.


Detectives spoke with the man’s distressed friends in the lobby.

A resident on the 13th floor said the design of the lift meant there was a gap around it which somebody could fit through.

A security guard from a building up the road said he returned to commotion on the street after he had gone for a walk inside.



A police forensic team enters the building to investigate the circumstances that led to a young Italian tourist’s death in an elevator shaft. Picture: Bill Hearne Source: News Limited

“I just went for a walk and came outside and saw all the police cars and didn’t know what had gone on,” he said.


A NSW Police spokeswoman said there do not appear to be any suspicious circumstances to the tragic accident.

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